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The Breast Cancer Early Detection Programme 2.0 Project Close Out

The Project Close-out is the last phase in a project’s  life cycle. We are pleased to announce a successful completion of our Breast Cancer Early Detection Programme 2.0 supported by ACT Foundation Our Breast Cancer Early Detection Programme has one simple goal - to reduce fatalities arising from the late presentation of breast cancer among our women. Thanks to ACT Foundation for moving us closer to achieving this. The Phase 2 of the Programme lasted 5 months commencing in September 2017 up untill February 2018. See our impact below. Project Target: 500 Beneficiaries Total Number Screened: 1334 Beneficiaries Project Performance: 163% Results 46 breast abnormalities were detected. 13 women and 1 man had confirmed cases of breast cancer. All breast abnormalities were navigated for further testing and treatment. All confirmed cases of breast cancer have commenced treatment. We thank the Management and team of ACT Foundation for believing in our vision of a cancer free nation and working with us in our quest to achieve this. Well done to our brilliant medical outreach team of doctors, nurses and volunteers.

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