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Breast Reconstruction: All You Need to Know

If a woman has had a mastectomy because of #BreastCancer she may choose to have reconstructive plastic surgery. It can restore symmetry between the two breasts by replacing skin, breast tissue, and the removed nipple.⠀ Breast reconstruction surgery is the creation of a new breast shape, or mound, using surgery. It may be done after removal of a whole breast (mastectomy) or part of the breast (breast-conserving surgery).⠀

She can have reconstruction at the same time as breast cancer surgery (immediate reconstruction), or months or years later (delayed reconstruction). Breast reconstruction often involves several operations to give the best outcome possible.⠀

The amount of reconstruction will depend on the mastectomy, and the width, size, and location of the removed tumor.⠀ The new breast shape can be created using an implant and/or her own tissue from another part of the body, usually the back or lower abdomen (belly). Reconstructed breasts don’t usually have a nipple but one can be created with surgery and tattooing. Prosthetic stick-on nipples can also be used.⠀ The aim of breast reconstruction is to create a breast shape that looks as natural as possible and to try to match the breast on the other side in size, shape and position. Where both breasts are being reconstructed, the aim is to recreate breasts that match and are in proportion to the body shape.⠀ Having a breast reconstruction will not increase the chances of the breast cancer coming back.⠀ Sources: ⠀ Breast Cancer Care⠀ WebMD⠀

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