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Dense Breasts

Ladies, have you ever heard the term Dense breasts?

Dense breast tissue is a normal finding, and about half of all women have dense breast tissue. Simply put, having dense breast tissue means you have a higher proportion of glandular breast tissue to fatty tissue. Therefore, being told you have dense breast tissue is not a cause for alarm.

That being said, having dense breast tissue can make it more difficult to see breast cancer on a mammogram and also slightly increases your risk for #BreastCancer.

Women with dense breasts may require additional breast screening apart from a mammogram (breast ultrasound, breast MRI, e.t.c.

The categories of dense breasts include;

*Breasts can be almost entirely fatty (A), *Breasts can have scattered areas of dense fibroglandular breast tissue (B), *Breasts can have many areas of glandular and connective tissue (C),

*Breasts can be extremely dense (D)

Breasts are classified as “dense” if they fall in the heterogeneously dense (C) or extremely dense (D) categories.

If you have been told you have dense breasts and are concerned, speak to your doctor or use our Ask The Specialist service.

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