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World No Tobacco Day

Today is World #NoTobaccoDay

Cigarette smoking is linked to at least 16 different types of cancer including lung cancer.⠀

The 16 types of cancer include;⠀

Cancer of the mouth⠀⠀

Cancer of the upper throat⠀⠀

Cancer of the larynx⠀⠀

Cancer of the oesophagus⠀⠀

Cancer of the sinus and nose⠀⠀

Lung cancer⠀⠀

Liver cancer⠀⠀

Pancreatic cancer⠀⠀

Stomach cancer⠀⠀

Kidney cancer⠀⠀

Colon cancer⠀⠀

Ovarian cancer⠀⠀

Uterine cancer⠀⠀

Bladder cancer⠀⠀

Cervical cancer⠀⠀

Acute Myeloid Leukaemia⠀

Also, non-smokers who inhale tobacco smoke may increase their risk of lung cancer and heart disease.⠀⠀

In addition to this, tobacco harms the environment. Tobacco growing, manufacturing and use poison our water, soil, beaches and city streets with chemicals, toxic waste, cigarette butts, including microplastics, and e-cigarette waste.

The tobacco industry attempts to try and distract from its environmental harms by greenwashing their products through donations to sustainability initiatives and reporting on environmental “standards” they often set themselves.

If you smoke, commit to quit.⠀⠀

If you are a non-smoker, avoid second hand smoke.⠀⠀

Credits: @who


Quit Victoria⠀⠀

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