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Ladies, reduce your risk of breast cancer.

Take the Pink Pledge

The Pink Pledge

I pledge to do a Breast Self Examination at least once a month.
I pledge to have a clinical breast examination or a breast ultrasound done by a healthcare professional  at least once a year. (18 - 40 years)
I pledge to have a screening mammogram every year (from age 40)
If there is a history of breast cancer in my family, I will speak to my doctor about starting mammograms and personalised breast screening earlier than age 40




To take the Pink Pledge, do the following -

Recite the Pink Pledge

Print a copy of this page or save it to your phone.

Fill in your name, signature and date.

Put your Pink Pledge in a place where you will easily see it to remind you.

Set reminders to do the Pink Pledge!

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