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CancerAware ensures adequate awareness is raised on the subject of cancer and also supports those affected by it.

Globally, the cancer incidence continues to rise. In Nigeria, breast cancer and cervical cancer are the most common cancers among women.  At this time, attention should turn to prevention and early detection.

CancerAware is a Lagos based cancer intervention charity. Our mission is simple, yet bold – to reduce the rising cancer incidence in Nigeria, especially among women, through education, advocacy and patient support. We focus primarily on breast and gynaecological cancers as they account for high cancer fatalities in Nigeria. 

Our Work

Awareness Campaigns

There are many myths and misconceptions about cancer. We are committed to public education and awareness of cancer in Nigeria. We educate and teach about breast and gynaecological cancers, actively propagating the message of prevention and early detection.


Screening and Early Detection

We realise that diagnosing cancer early is vital in its treatment  and we actively propagate this in our campaigns. We organise free medical outreaches especially in under-served communities across the country.  We also strongly advocate for regular individual health checks.



We give advice and practical support to women living with breast and gynaecological cancers. We are able to offer this support through donations from the public. We work closely with cancer specialists in the quest to stamp out the disease in Nigeria.


Policy Development Agenda

We work to put cancer at the forefront of our national health agenda in order to give it the priority it requires. We are a voice for cancer control in Nigeria. We advocate for policies that will make cancer screening and treatment a matter of prime importance in Nigeria. 

Our Values


The community is at the heart of all we do. Most of our programmes target no income and low income women in the most under served communities of Nigeria.

Dedicated to the Cause

We are passionate about women’s health as it relates to breast and gynaecological cancers, we put the cause as our first work priority and we inspire others with our commitment and dedication.


We are honest and ethical in all that we do and engage in responsible decision-making that reflects the highest standards of conduct. This ensures that our leadership, credibility and use of donations is never in question.


We advocate that all people have the right to benefit from improved access to cancer treatment and services on equal terms regardless of geography and without suffering economic hardship as a consequence.

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