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Cervical Cancer: Symptoms and Signs

What are some of the signs of Cervical Cancer? The most common sign of cervical cancer is irregular vaginal bleeding. This may occur in several forms. One is between menstrual periods and even sometimes after sexual intercourse. Also, any form of vaginal bleeding in women who have passed menopause and who no longer have menstrual periods is a big warning sign of cervical cancer and some other gynaecological cancers. Please note that these signs may be caused by conditions other than cervical cancer, however ladies, if you have any of these symptoms, please speak to your doctor immediately. Other signs of Cervical cancer include; Discomfort during urinating Abnormal bleeding Pelvic pain Unusual and longer menstrual periods Weight loss Fatigue Leg pain Loss of bladder control CervicalCancer is preventable. Get Screened. Vaccinate early

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