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Vulvar Cancer: A much overlooked cancer

You may have never heard of it but cancer can occur in the vulvar. It is one of the Gynaecological cancers (there are five of them). It is not as common as some of the others such as Cervical cancer or Ovarian cancer, yet it still occurs. Ladies, be aware and include a quick #SelfCheck in your monthly routine.  How Do I Perform a Vulvar Self-Exam? 1. Stand, squat, sit over the top of a handheld mirror, or lay on a bed with your legs spread making sure you can see your genitals clearly. 2. Check the area where your pubic hair grows. Look for any moles, spots, lesions, bumps, rashes, white spots, red spots or pimple like growths. 3. Next, find your clitoris. Look for any growths, bumps, or discoloration. 4. Check your labia majora (the outer lips) and feel for any bumps. Also, visually look for any moles, rashes, growths, lesions, white spots, red spots or pimple like growths. 5. Repeat this check with your labia minora (the inner lips). 6. Finally, look at your perineum. The perineum is the space located between the vagina and the anus. Again, look for rashes, bumps, growths, and lesions. Report anything suspicious or abnormal to your doctor, even if it seems to be small. Vulvar cancer is very treatable if detected early. Please share this post with others to encourage all the women you know to start performing vulvar self-exams. Credits: Vulvar Cancer Awareness

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