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Abnormal Cervical Screening Test Results

#GynaecologicalCancerAwarenessMonth You have finally heeded the call and got your Cervical Screening test done. You get your results and it says “Abnormal test result". You start to panic.⠀

Although a diagnosis of a cervical abnormality can be worrisome, there is no cause to be alarmed. We share some facts about abnormal screening test results and what steps to take.⠀

SOME FACTS ABOUT CERVICAL ABNORMALITIES.⠀ • Cervical abnormalities form in the cells of the cervix (the area that connects the uterus and vagina)⠀ • Almost all cases of high grade cervical changes are caused by a common virus called the human papillomavirus (HPV)⠀ TYPES OF ABNORMAL SCREENING RESULTS⠀ • A borderline result indicates slight abnormalities ⠀ • Low grade dyskaryosis indicates mild cell changes ⠀ • High grade dyskaryosis indicates moderate or severe cell changes ⠀ • Glandular cell changes indicates abnormal cells in the cervical canal.

FURTHER TESTS⠀ • If you have received an abnormal result you may have to do a colposcopy. ⠀ • Colposcopy is simply a more detailed look at the cervix using a microscope.⠀ • The microscope stays outside your body. All that goes inside is the speculum, the same instrument used during your cervical screening. • You may need treatment to remove the abnormal cells, your clinician will advice you about this. ⠀ TREATMENT FOR ABNORMAL CELLS⠀ The treatment for abnormal cells depends on how advanced the changes to the cells are. Remember, UNTREATED cervical abnormalities caused by HPV may over time develop into Cervical Cancer. ⠀ Have you had an abnormal cervical screening test result? What treatment did you have? Share this post with the women you care about. You may be saving a life.⠀ Credits: Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust⠀⠀

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