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Thailand's Cervical Cancer Prevention Success Story

Just two decades ago, cervical cancer was the most common cancer for women in Thailand.⠀

The country struggled to reduce the incidence due to lack of infrastructure, accessibility and an organised screening programme.⠀ This changed in the year 2000 with the implementation of the "SAFE" study. The "SAFE" study subsequently helped shape the World Health Organisation's recommendations for cervical cancer prevention globally. Today, Thailand has seen the largest decline in its incidence of cervical cancer in the last decade. The programme is an inspiration for other countries striving to implement low-cost, evidence-based public health interventions.⠀ This is what we are looking to achieve in Nigeria ..... a cervical cancer free nation. And it is attainable. Everyone (individuals, organisations, Government) need to play their part to make it happen.⠀ .⠀ Ladies, when did you last have your cervical screening test done?⠀ Men, encourage the women in your lives (wives, mothers, sisters, loved ones, friends) to get a cervical screening test done. It could save their lives.⠀ Credits: The Lancet Journal⠀

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