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As Breast Cancer Awareness Month Rounds Off

Beatrice (not her real name) felt a lump on her left breast one morning while taking a shower. She thought nothing of it.  A few months later, she noticed the lump had grown bigger and she also now had upper back pain. 

Several tests later, she was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer.

As a petty trader in Lagos, Beatrice had little resources for the treatment of her cancer. She thought of her two children and what would happen to them if she couldn't get timely treatment.

Thankfully, someone referred Beatrice to CancerAware's Patient Support Initiative which provides free chemotherapy, surgery and diagnostics to indigent individuals facing Breast Cancer. 

Since 2017, the Programme has supported 55 individuals with free cancer treatment, hospital admissions, feeding, transportation e.t.c.

Today, Beatrice has completed her treatment and has no Evidence of Disease.

As we round off Breast Cancer Awareness Month, do consider making a donation to CancerAware so we can help more Nigerians facing cancer.

To make a one-off donation, click HERE

 To make a monthly donation, click HERE

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