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World No Tobacco Day 2024

World No Tobacco Day 2024: Youths step in and speak out

Today is World No Tobacco Day. This year's edition gives a platform to young people across the world, who are urging governments to shield them from predatory tobacco marketing tactics. 

The industry targets youth for a lifetime of profits, creating a new wave of addiction. Children are using e-cigarettes at rates higher than adults in all regions and globally an estimated 37 million youth aged 13 –15 years use tobacco


Tobacco smoking is linked to at least 16 different types of cancer including lung cancer.

The 16 types of cancer include;

Cancer of the mouth

Cancer of the upper throat

Cancer of the larynx

Cancer of the oesophagus

Cancer of the sinus and nose

Lung cancer

Liver cancer

Pancreatic cancer

Stomach cancer

Kidney cancer

Colon cancer

Ovarian cancer

Uterine cancer

Bladder cancer

Cervical cancer

Acute Myeloid Leukaemia

Also, non-smokers who inhale tobacco smoke may increase their risk of lung cancer and heart disease.

If you smoke, commit to quit.

If you are a non-smoker, avoid secondhand smoke.

Credits: @WHO

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