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Going through Breast Cancer

Being diagnosed or having a loved one that has just been diagnosed with breast cancer can cause a lot of physical and mental changes for you.

Some people develop intense emotions ranging from fear, sadness, anger, guilt, helplessness, loneliness, worry, panic to frustration.

However, you have to remember that breast cancer is not a death sentence as there are effective treatments for the condition today. Also, our psychosocial programme, the MobiPINK Breast Cancer Project is here to help you get through this and emerge stronger.

These are a few tips to help you mentally overcome breast cancer:

• Seek support from friends, family and breast cancer survivors

• Get professional counselling

• Look for reasons to have hope

• Stay positive

• Spend time in nature

• Don't blame yourself, it can happen to anyone

• Stay active

• Engage in relaxation exercises

• Engage in things you enjoy like dance, music, art

To speak to someone who understands, call our MobiPink Breast Cancer Helpline today on 0809 4444 039 (Open Mondays to Saturdays)

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