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Herbal Remedies Cannot Cure Cancer

We are seeing far too many cases of individuals who are refusing conventional treatment after being diagnosed with breast cancer and other types of cancer.

Rather, they choose to go "organic'" or "natural" and begin to take herbal remedies, concoctions, supplements, juices, diets, e.t.c.

In such cases, by the time they seek the correct medical help, their condition is already deteriorated with many coming in with advanced cancer.

Conventional treatment (chemotherapy,  radiation therapy, surgery, e.t.c) is still the only proven way to treat breast cancer or any type of cancer.

Please do not be deceived by individuals who insist herbal remedies are a good alternative to the conventional treatment of cancer. No herbal or alternative product has been shown to be effective in treating cancer.  

If you or your loved one notices any breast abnormalities and are unsure of what to do, please reach out to us via our MobiPink Breast Cancer Helpline on 0809 4444 039.

You can also contact us via email at: or send us a DM

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My health improved 100% when I stopped taking all western medicine and turned to a nutrition lifestyle by changing my eating habits and diet, I avoid prepackaged foods full of chemicals. I purchased Herbal Formula from World Rehabilitate Clinic, I was literally bedbound for about 3 years. But now I have NONE of the issues they diagnosed me with years ago....all done without the help of western medicine. I am not prescribing medicine or supplements but If anyone chose to follow the regimen I chose I will be happy for them, conversely if anyone chooses not to believe, I will fully understand that as I probably wouldn't believe the story if I hadn't lived it. ( worldrehabilitateclinic. com ).

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