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My Shocking Breast Cancer Diagnosis at 21

"My name is Onanaiye Abisola Adejumoke, I am 21 years old. In February 2020, I felt a lump in my right breast which we thought was something that would disappear by applying Robb balm to it but it did not. Not long after that, I met up with a friend who showed me the scar beside her breast and I asked her what was there, she told me it was a lump she had removed. Then I told her about my lump and how worried I was about it. In January 2021, I went for an operation for the removal of the lump and I thought that would be the end of it, but to my surprise, the lump started to grow back again. By March, one of my friends asked me to go and see a specialist doctor, preferably an oncologist, which I did. After several tests, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I couldn't believe it. I cried, I just wanted to die. All I was thinking then was, "how will I get money for the treatment?" With the help of friends and people that care about me most especially my oncologist who then introduced me to CancerAware Nigeria, I was able to stay positive. Their Patient Navigator, Ms Taiwo was very helpful and professional. CancerAware has really helped me through my ongoing treatment. I don't even feel like I'm going through cancer or chemotherapy. I am healthy, I look and feel well. A big thank you to CancerAware for covering 5 cycles of my chemotherapy at no cost and giving me hope that I can pass through this phase of my life. I look forward to completing my treatment and I'm very positive and hopeful about the future." Abisola

Globally, Breast cancer rates are rising. In Nigeria, it is the most common cancer and also has the highest mortality rate of all cancers in the country. We must do all we can to reduce our risk of developing it and also support those diagnosed with the disease. CancerAware's #SupportHER and Patient Support Initiative (PSI) programmes provide free cancer treatment to women such as Abisola so as to give them a fighting chance as they face the most challenging time of their lives.

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