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Breast Cancer Happens Everyday

At this minute, somewhere in the world, a woman is receiving a breast cancer diagnosis.

Every 50 seconds, somewhere in the world, a woman dies from breast cancer.

In Nigeria, breast cancer is the number one cancer in terms of incidence and mortality. We are seeing more women coming down with the condition.

Ladies, here are some questions for you.

Firstly, have you ever had any form of breast sreening?

Mammograms, Breast Ultrasounds and breast MRIs are all forms of breast screening.

Secondly, do you perform a monthly Breast Self Examination?

For the men, do you know if the women you care about (spouses, mothers, sisters, daughters, aunties, e.t.c) have regular breast screening?

If you have answered 'NO' to any or all of these questions above, then it is time to take action and do the right thing for yourself and your loved ones.

Breast Cancer is  a serious condition and all hands must be on deck to fight it.

Remember,  Early Detection and Early Diagnosis with the Right Treatment saves lives.

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