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International HPV Awareness Day 2022

Today, March 4 is International HPV Awareness Day.⠀

We are pleased to be an Operating Partner in Nigeria of the International Papilloma Virus Society (IPVS) for the 5th year running.⠀

The global campaign to commemorate this day tagged “One Less Worry" is the first of its kind and aims to increase worldwide understanding of HPV and how it affects us all.⠀

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) directly affects 4 out of 5 of us. While most of us never experience symptoms, the virus can cause  cancer and claims almost half a million lives globally every year. These are lives that could be saved. People of every background, nationality, race, gender.

We have the tools at our disposal: cervical screening detects HPV-related cancers and pre-cancers, making effective treatment possible; while vaccines have proven to be 90% effective in eliminating the virus.

Yet we face barriers to circulating the necessary information and rolling out essential screening and vaccination programs.

The #OneLessWorry campaign aims to overcome these barriers by growing awareness about HPV, and how we can beat it. By sharing information we aim to empower people to take action to reduce the risk of HPV. By encouraging conversations about HPV we aim to address the stigma that can act as a barrier and increase the risks to us all . By communicating clearly: We CAN eliminate HPV and create one less worry for our world.

The campaign is led by the International Papillomavirus Society in partnership with over 100 clinical, research, professional and patient organizations worldwide. Together we work to raise the profile of HPV as a cancer causing virus and provide the information and knowledge that people need to take action to reduce the risk of HPV related cancer. 

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