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The Adenike Abayomi Okeowo Foundation's Annual Donation to CancerAware

Last weekend, we got to spend time with the Adenike Abayomi Okeowo Foundation as they made their annual donation to our Patient Support Initiative.

Since 2020, the foundation has supported our beneficiaries at CancerAware by helping us provide treatment support to women facing breast cancer at no cost, honouring the memory of their beloved mother, wife and sister - Mrs Adenike Abayomi Okeowo.

Last year, their donation helped 17 women access vital biopsies, diagnostic tests, chemotherapy and welfare support including feeding and transportation.

This year, their continued commitment will bring hope to even more women on our wait-list, providing free chemotherapy, tests and essential welfare support.


Adenike was a beloved mother, wife and sister who passed away in 2017.

Her husband and children in spite of their devastating loss and through the pain decided to immortalise and honour her memory by continuing her tradition of giving back to society. The Adenike Abayomi Okeowo Foundation was thus birthed.

Now in it's 5th year, the foundation has continued to support causes dear to Adenike's heart.

We are deeply grateful to and inspired by the Adenike Abayomi Okeowo Foundation's unwavering commitment to carrying on her legacy of giving back. Her memory lives on in every life touched by their kindness.

Together, we can ensure that no woman fights cancer alone.

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