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Beneficiary Testimonial

BENEFICIARY TESTIMONIAL "My name is Olatunji Oluwawemimo. My wife was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2021. This brought so much change to our lives and a major adjustment for the entire family. The journey has not been easy but I thank God for life. I want to thank CancerAware Nigeria for supporting my wife's treatment by covering the costs of her chemotherapy. You showed up and took over the burden. Myself and my wife cannot but thank you enough for being such a Godsent to us. Thank you for your unwavering love and financial support. Your assistance has eased the stress on finances. Thank you very much for all you have done and may Almighty God reward the works of your hands." . -OLATUNJI OLUWAWEMIMO for GRACE OLUWAWEMIMO." Testimonial shared with permission. #Testimonials #RealLifeHelp #BreastCancerAwareness #MobiPINKBreastCancerProject #CancerAware #WeAreCancerAware

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